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About Us



About Us - 1991


The OSC Group is a family business which started as an importer of technical chairs and workbenches into the UK for the Electronics industry.  Supporting primarily IBM and Nortel, we moved into manufacturing our own cleanroom chairs and so 'Technochair' was born.

1991 - Technochair






Entered the Pharmaceutical market after exhibiting at Interphex (International Pharmaceutical Exhibition).   We produced a cleanroom/laboratory chair initially for ICI Pharmaceuticals, what is Astra Zeneca today.





Started exporting to continental Europe through distributors, many of whom we still work with today.  Our chairs have been exported to most European countries and the Middle East but also as far afield as the Falkland Islands and Antartica.

1993 Export Map





Developed a range of office chairs to complement our technical models.





Launched several new models, including Opus, which remains one of our most successful products.

2002 - Opus





Awarded the contract to supply loose furniture for the New Biochemistry building at the University of Oxford.  This led to the launch of the Projects division.

2008 - New Biochemistry





Major project for the prestigious Humanities Building, University of Oxford, on the site of the historic Radcliffe Infirmary.

2012 - Radcliffe Infirmary





Projects for the Nigerian Airline, ArikAir and the first phase of a start-up for Conveyancing Data Services confirmed our ability to offer project services to commercial operations as well as for the education sector.

2013 - Arik Air





Introduced a range of healthcare write-up chairs using materials which allow for their use in clean and sterile areas.

2016 - Healthcare write up chairs





On the project side, we carried out a complete re-location and expansion for Conveyancing Data Services, now market leaders in their field.

2019 - CDS





Launched several technical chair models including ePU as a multi-coloured range, Strada and a new and improved Stratos.

It's also the year that we launched our own range of Oxford Beanbags.

2020 - ePU



2021 block

Two new websites were launched to enable customers to buy our products online.   

Technochair represents the culmination of 30 years of innovation and design in the technical chair market.

Chairtrader has been launched as a specific response to the coronavirus and the many changes that have taken place in working practices as a result.