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Our Brands



Oxford Seating is at the heart of the OSC Group and is our principal manufacturing brand of chairs for work for both technical and office environments.
We have Distributors in many areas throughout the UK and continental Europe who we support through our oxfordseating.com website.  We have also exported our seating for projects through project management and construction companies to the Middle East and as far away as the Falkland Islands and even Antarctica!
We support customers in the UK where a distributor is not in place through our oxfordseating.co.uk website.  This offers a wider range as it also includes selected products from some of our manufacturing partners.


www.oxfordseating.com                         www.oxfordseating.co.uk




Oxford Beanbags is absolutely 'the new kid on the block'.  Although, in many ways different to our more traditional business, the increasing overlap between office and home, with breakout areas in between, has led us into launching our own range of indoor and outdoor beanbags.
After two years of research and testing of other products in the market, significantly of comfort yet at the same time robust, delivery in one box ready to go and importantly fire retardancy aas well as listening to different focus groups, we are finally ready.




Technochair is really the DNA of the OSC Group as it was our first techncial seating brand.  Since 1991, Technochair has represented the best of design and commitment to quality for technical seating.
We have re-introduced the Technochair brand as our new webstore for specifically technical chair products.  It provides customers with the opportunity to buy online directly or by purchase order, or to simply check up-to-date pricing for their budgets.




Chairtrader represents the widest possible range of seating for so many environments.
From your place of work, whether it be office or home, we have seating to suit all tastes and budgets, from not only our own manufactured products but also those of trusted partners.
We don't just add chairs from any source into our portfolio.  We pride ourselves on close relationships with our fellow manufacturers and on the fact that if we haven't tried it ourselves, we don't promote it.